[STATUS] Maintenance Window – March 1st, 2009

Maintenance Window Start Date & Time: March 1st, 2009 11:00 PM CT
Maintenance Window End Date & Time: March 2nd, 2009 04:00 AM CT

Impact on Customers: Intermittent loss of connectivity possible during maintenance window. Access to Kyvon email will be inaccessible for 2 hours during the maintenance window. No email will be lost.

Scope of Work: In our efforts to constantly improve and maintain our infrastructure, Kyvon will be completing switch upgrades on core network equipment at our data center located at 710 Tucker. The maintenance will affect clients intermittently, and a maintenance window is required to perform the procedure.

Duration: 5 Hours

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments via our online support form or via phone at 314-544-0011. Please note: posting in the comments is not an official way to contact Kyvon.

How-To: RSS Feeds

Kyvon utilizes an RSS Feed to allow customers, readers, and visitors alike to subscribe to it’s content. You may be asking yourself “What is an RSS Feed and how do I subscribe to one?”

According to Feedburner:

Feeds are a way for websites large and small to distribute their content well beyond just visitors using browsers. Feeds permit subscription to regular updates, delivered automatically via a web portal, news reader, or in some cases good old email. Feeds also make it possible for site content to be packaged into “widgets,” “gadgets,” mobile devices, and other bite-sized technologies that make it possible to display blogs, podcasts, and major news/sports/weather/whatever headlines just about anywhere.

Here is a handy-dandy video that explains RSS in “Plain English”

The World is Flat!

I have currently been reading The World is Flat, by Thomas Friedman. It is based upon the theory that the world is ‘flattening’ due to outsourcing brought upon by technology. We all have experienced this when we phone in for support (Kyvon’s phone center is purely local) and speak with a very polite Indian (Eastern, not American) putting forth their best American accent.

In his book, he refers to a phenomenon called, “The Golden Arches Conflict Prevention”. It states, loosely, that two countries that have obtained the economic prosperity required to support a McDonald’s tend not war with each other! The theory is based upon the point that as countries enter the global trade arena and standards of living improved the cost of war for the two countries became detrimental to their supply chains.

Mr. Friedman revises this theory to: “Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention” in regards to the emerging global supply chains Michael Dell uses to build one of his computers. It is a fascinating chain involving both far off areas of the world, like Limerick, Ireland, Xiamen China, Eldorado do Sul, Brazil and Penang Malaysia to local areas, like Nashville Tennessee and Austin, Texas! But, I’ll leave the details in the book for you to read.
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[STATUS] Mail: Requesting Password Authentication

Problem Reported: Users are being prompted for passwords/requesting authentication when attempting to access email.

Update [4:10PM] Problem was due to software malfunction while upgrading one of our existing mail servers. The issue has been resolved allowing all users to access their mail as normal.

*If you are experiencing a problem that has not been reported here, please contact us by calling our support line toll-free (877) 710-7993.  Please note: posting in the comments is not an official way to contact Kyvon.

Keep Posted With Kyvon Status Updates

To continue to increase the methods by which we communicate status notifications to our customers, Kyvon will now utilitze Kyvon [ETC] to update you regarding information about service issues, changes, maintenance windows and any other modifications to our service or programs.

We ask that you bookmark this site in your browser, or subscribe to our RSS feed to receive these important notifications as they are posted. If you need assistance subscribing via RSS, please contact me with any questions.

Maintenance Window notifications will also continue to be sent to the applicable hosting customers in addition to posting them here at Kyvon [ETC].

Kyvon [ETC] Update: Kyvon Staff Page

A new addition to Kyvon [ETC]: our Staff page.

Check out staff photos, find out if we have similar taste in movies, or shoot us an email for more information on just what we do here at Kyvon. Upcoming updates: Employee Interviews, Client Focus series, and more- so stay tuned!

What does IT mean to you?

What does Information Technology mean to you, the individual? In a world of corporate offices and organizational guidelines you may begin to ask yourself this question and you may even begin to see Information Technology as just another ‘control device’- jeopardizing your freedom and pushing you to conform to a standardized model. And it can be if you’re not careful….It has been forewarned, “…technology is a great servant, but a terrible master.”
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How-To: Transfer Your Domain Name

The instructions below illustrate the flow of a domain transfer, including the actions taken by each of the parties involved. Please note that all confirmation emails are sent to the Administrative Contact email address listed for the domain.
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Work Together: IT and Your Small Business

I feel the most pertinent issue faced in introducing and supporting IT in ‘the office’ is encouraging a generation that is still evolving into email, web browsing and online payment at home- to implement technology into their daily operations at work.

Some feel so inundated with information and instant communication, that an antiquated office can almost act as a sanctuary to escape to.
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Your IT Solutions for 2009

There are a few things you might want to consider when evaluating your IT support solution in ’09:

1. Outsourced, contracted IT Support can greatly reduce the expense associated with an “In-house” IT department.  Even if you’re not considering doing away with your IT department, you can add additional support, thru contracted service, at the fraction of a new technician’s salary.
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