Postini Services: Threat Advisory

We’d like to provide you with an update on recent the spam attacks which are occurring in our environment.

Our message security vendor has advised us on high volumes of bogus Microsoft downloader and other messages that contain links to download malware. Spammers have created false Microsoft Outlook notifications and Amazon/World Pay confirmations, and added links that prompt users to download a fake update or invoice.

The security service has detected and blocked the vast majority of these attacks, and continues to release protections to stop the new mutations. Their capture rate is over 99%; however, the attack volumes are so large (in the hundreds of millions of messages) that a 1% passthrough rate means that a few messages may end up in your inbox.

For best security practices, if you see any suspect security notifications or messages:
•    Do not deliver these messages from your Message Center or Quarantine Summary.
•    Delete these messages from your inbox.
•    Do not click on any links in the messages.
•    If you need to access any of the services listed in the email, visit the website directly.
Please be assured that our security service considers virus and spam protection as their highest priority, and continues to be on the cutting edge against new spam attacks and tactics

Kyvon Remote Tech Support: More Than Just a Phone Call

phonecallWith the capabilities of remote  access, a support technician is less than a phone call away. Using secure remote-access software, the technician sees what the user sees on his or her screen and, with permission, takes temporary control of the user’s mouse and keyboard.

If your issue can be addressed by utilizing remote support technicians, your company will avoid travel charges and receive faster support. Software updates and maintenance can also be completed from a remote location.

Although remote support might diagnose a hard-drive failure, a new drive can’t be installed over the Internet. That’s why experts recommend that small businesses try to select a tech-support company that offers both on-site and remote support—to avoid the need to repeat tales of repair woes to different technicians.

Kyvon offers their customers both remote and on-site support. Contact a technician for your support issue by calling (314) 544.0011 or submit a support request via our website.

Welcome to the new Kyvon.com

If things look a bit different around here, don’t dismay- you’re in the right place. Today, we launched the new Kyvon.com, complete with a fresh look and user-friendly interface to provide information and access to Kyvon services like never before.

What’s New

post_note 1. News You Can Use : We’ve integrated our blog to bring you up-to-date news and information regarding information technology and your business. Here you will find Status Updates to inform you of any maintenance or changes in our Data Centers, Kyvon news, and much more. To receive notifications of new posts, you can subscribe here.
twitter 2. Twitter + Kyvon : You can now find the @kyvon twitter feed in the footer of the homepage. Follow @kyvon on Twitter for notifications of new posts at Kyvon.com and feel free to contact us via Twitter with your customer service questions.
testimonial 3. Client Focus : A feature previously used in our quarterly newsletter, Business Focus, the Client Focus column is coming to Kyvon.com. In this column, we highlight our customers and their businesses. (If you are currently a Kyvon customer and are interested in being featured in Client Focus, please send us a quick note.)

Questions or comments about our new look? Leave a comment below, or contact us.

Print Green

Is it possible to be eco-friendly in your printing practices?


By making simple changes in your current business practices, it is possible to see the greener side of printing. For example, we changed the way we bill our customers from a mailed monthly paper statement to a monthly emailed statement. This small change saves a case of printer paper and envelopes a year, reducing costs for the company providing savings they can pass onto our customers.

  • Multi-Task. Consolidate your fax, printer and copier by purchasing a multi-function printer. By utilizing an all-in-one device, you save on maintenance costs and reduce the amount of equipment that eventually ends up in a landfill.
  • Give it back. Major printer manufacturers have launched aggressive return and recycle programs for consumables. For example, Lexmark converts its recycled cartridges into a wood-like product called eLumber, through a partnership with recycler Close the Loop. And HP uses post-consumer recycled plastics in the production of new ink-jet cartridges.
  • Think before you print. Do you really need all 46 pages of that email chain letter? Think again– do you really need to print that email chain letter? By taking a moment to consider the necessity of printing your document, you could save more paper than you think. If you must print that chain letter, at least print double-sided to save half of the pages you are undoubtedly wasting.

Kyvon Partners With Avaya

This month, Kyvon joined forces with Avaya, the leader in IP Communications technology, to connect you to your customers like never before. By integrating Kyvon-provided installation and support services with advanced corporate communications solutions from Avaya, bringing your company into the next generation of telephony has never been easier. Read more

“B” Seen With Kyvon on The Boulevard

Tonight, join Kyvon and kick off summer in St. Louis on The Boulevard at “B” Seen, an outdoor celebration of fun, live music, drinks and delectable food from the outstanding restaurants of the premier shopping district. Proceeds from this evenings activites benefit the Mid-County Family YMCA.

B Seen on The Boulevard

While you’re there, find the Kyvon booth and step right up for your chance to win one year of free web hosting or a free network evaluation for your business by playing our carnival game.

Located just south of the intersection of Brentwood Blvd. and Clayton Road, The Boulevard is directly across from the Galleria. Visit their website for more information on tonight’s event.

WordPress 2.8 Released

June 11th, WordPress released it’s latest version(2.8), “Baker.” 2.8 brings over 790 bug fixes, faster speed, and a redesigned widget interface. We upgraded to 2.8 this morning without a hitch, and found a familiar dashboard with faster functionality. View the video below to learn more about “Baker,” or simply visit the WordPress release page to download version 2.8.