Unlimited Hosting, Fact or Myth?


When you walk into an all you can eat buffet, nobody expects you to eat all the food in the restaurant.  You might fill up your plate three or four times, but you can not eat everything in sight.  The same could be said for unlimited services you might see when it comes to web hosting.

What Does Unlimited Really Mean in Web Hosting?

While they say you have unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth – the average web site out there will never reach the real limits of the account.  If you are running a web site for your local football team, your not going to get a world wide audience, people digging your web site, and surges of other traffic sources at you fingertips.  You’ll serve your local niche.

Now over the long term, things could change.  For an example, your web site might not have many pages the first month or even the first year.  However, year after year you might notice your web site growing by leaps and bounds.  At that point, if you are with a shared web hosting company, you might outgrow your web hosting space – but even then it is unlikely.

The real thing you have to pay attention to, or at least be aware of is spikes in usage or usage of system resources – such as RAM or CPU power.  This often happens when you get a spike of traffic from a few sources, or your web site’s security is at risk.  For most people though, that is still as likely as lightening striking you down as you listen to this podcast.  It isn’t likely to happen.

So unlimited this, that or the other in web hosting is like the all you can eat buffet at your favorite restaurant.  You can eat and eat all you want, but the human body (and web sites too) can only eat so much at one time.

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