Work Pro-actively With Kyvon’s AktiveNet Service

I suppose there are things in life you’d rather not think of- like oil changes. However, there are no real strong arguments rebutting the obvious benefits of “upkeep”. Like an automobile, or anything mechanical, your Network needs maintenance too! And, like most maintenance, it’s probably the thing you think of least…. until your engine seizes on a desolate, country road. Now, your cell phone might save you from being stranded (if it’s battery is charged -upkeep), but it wont save you from a $2000 bill that your mechanic says could’ve been avoided by regular oil changes!

There are also studies that suggest a clean, well maintain automobile provides drivers with confidence, reassurance and positive mental attitudes. The same could be said for your Network. A Network with cleanly organized wiring and peripherals, can boost your machine’s performance along with employee confidence in operations, and provide positive end results that are noticeable to your clients. And, if there is an issue, support can be provided much more effeciently to a device that is both monitored and maintenaced properly.

Have you ever wished a vendor could EMAIL that invoice, or waited on that ONE computer in the back (usually from the early 90’s) to print? How ’bout sporadic internet access on a Monday morning, and/or an email ‘inbox’ has exceeded its capacity???

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