Spam Titan User Guide

Creating Your Spam Titan Account:

Server Link: http://spam1.kyvon.com

The first day that Spam Titan is set up, you will receive your first Quarantine email which will allow you to set up your account.  This email will contain everything that has been blocked due to it being considered Spam, Banned Attachment, or Blacklisted.

At the bottom of this email you will see:

Click on the link that says “click here”

By clicking that link, you’ ll be taken to a webpage that looks like this:

Once here, and it’s your first time using this page, click on Forget your Password?

You’re then taken to a page that looks like this:

Enter your email address and click send.  When the new email arrives, it will be from Email@yourdomain.com

On the password assistance screen, click the back button, then put in your email address and new password generated from the list.

When you log in, it will look like this:

There are three tabs across the top left navigation:  Settings, Filter Rules, and Quarantine.


You are instantly taken to the Quarantine tab.

From here you can:

Select the type of messages you would like to view from the Message Type drop down

  • Select a custom date range to view
  • Enter an individual sender when you’re searching for a particular email
  • Customize the number of messages you would like to see
  • Put them in order by spam score or date


From the settings tab, you have two options:

Change Password and Quarantine Report Settings

Change Password

Enter the password that was provided to you in the email from Spam Titan, then enter your new password and confirm it.

Quarantine report Settings

From this screen, you can:

Select the language you would like your quarantine reports

Select when you would like your quarantine reports (this is currently set to Weekday)

  • Day
  • Weekday
  • Friday
  • Month
  • Never

Select what you would like included in your quarantine report

  • All quarantined items
  • New items since last report only

Filter Rules

From the Filter Rules tab, you have two options:

User Blacklist and User Whitelist


User Blacklist

From this screen you can:

  • Blacklist an entire domain
  • Blacklist an individual sender

User Whitelist


User Whitelist

From this screen you can:

  • Whitelist an entire domain
  • Whitelist an individual sender

If you have any questions concerning Spam Titan, please contact Kyvon Customer Support at: 877-710-7993 or email us at support@kyvon.com


2010 Hosted Exchange Iphone Setup

1. Click on “Settings”

2. Click on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”

3. Click on “Add Account”

4. Select “Microsoft Exchange”

5. Fill in
– Email Address ex. name@domain.com
– Password
– Description

6. Click Next
7. Next screen fill in.
– Server: he.kyvon.com
– domain: LEAVE BLANK
– Username: your full email address “name@domain.com”

8. Click Next

9. Last screen click sav