New data center online!

Kyvon is proud to announce that we have a new data center online. It is located at 1111 Olive Street in downtown St. Louis Missouri. We will be expanding our cloud services to the new facility as well as offering rack space in this SSAE 16 compliant data center. Call us today to schedule a tour. 877-710-7993

Why bother virtualizing desktops at all?

Well, the primary reason why you might want to under take a desktop virtualization initiative is to centralize the management of your users’ desktops. While specifics depend on the selected model, the essential driver behind desktop virtualization in all of its forms is to enable user environments to be controlled and managed from a central point. This can simplify operational challenges such as asset management and patch management, and enables desktop policies to be more straightforwardly defined and implemented.

Appreciating Flexibility, Security and Availability

As well as improving the lot for IT managers, by breaking the bond between physical technologies and the applications that run on them, desktop virtualization can mean more flexibility for users. Depending on the selected virtualization options, users can be free to access applications and data wherever it’s most convenient to them, all the while taking their own configuration needs into account. For example:
✓ Accessing data and/or applications from which- ever computer is available, for example including running the work environment on a home PC or Internet kiosk.
✓ Running an application with specific configuration requirements, in parallel with other applications and operating systems without conflict between them.
✓ Provisioning and allocating applications more flexibly from a central point, or allowing users to provision applications for themselves on a self service basis.
In addition, a number of security benefits exist. Better control helps ensure user environments are as up to date (and therefore secure) as possible, as well as offering the opportunity to lock down the applications people can access, through application virtualization for example. Some desktop virtualization variants also build in security features such as encryption of both data and network communications, while permitting data to be held centrally for enhanced protection.

What about availability and business continuity benefits? Virtual desktop environments have a number of failover options to enable business users to keep working should something go wrong. For example, in the case of user state virtualization, if a local desktop or even the entire office fails, users can access their work from other (appropriately configured) machines, including from home. Meanwhile, some desktop virtualization approaches offer the ability to take ‘snapshots’ of virtual machines which can be backed up and stored in case of system failure.
It’s not as straightforward as saying ‘desktop virtualization will save you money’, but it certainly gives you more options when you come to deciding how that money might be spent either by reducing operational budgets in terms of minimized downtime, or lowering management and support overheads, or potentially enabling capital expenditure to be reduced or deferred. Equally, higher levels of flexibility and availability can lead to productivity gains which are valuable, even if they can be difficult to quantify. Of course, you need to weigh such factors against the capital costs of investing in desktop virtualization in the first place.

Desktop virtualization is a means to an end to enable business users to access the applications and services they need in the most efficient manner, both for them selves and the IT department. If implemented correctly, desktop virtualization is one of those ideas in IT that represents a genuine win/win for both IT and users, because both sides stand to gain from the effective delivery of desktop services.

Desktop Virtualization For Dummies®. Published by. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. The Atrium. Southern Gate

Call Kyvon today to see how desktop virtualization can benefit your company. 877-710-7993

Kyvon Merger with ProComm


is proud to announce the merger with ProComm Voice & Data Solutions. With this merger it will give Kyvon the edge over its competitors by combining high end data center solutions with enterprise level voice solutions. No matter if your a small business looking for web hosting or a large call center in the need for support Kyvon has a solution for you.

Avaya 5400 Series IP Deskphones

The Avaya 5400 series adds several enhancements over previous generations of digital telephones and works exclusively with Avaya IP Office for the benefit of small and medium sized businesses. These include paperless button labels, local call log and speed dial directories, and streamlined styling consistent with Avaya IP telephones.The Avaya 5402 is a cost effective two-wire digital telephone, for many office applications. It is designed to complement the 5410 mid-level and 5420 executive telephones.
The 5402 has a 2-line x 24-character display with two label-less call appearances, a Listen-Only Speaker, 10 Fixed Feature Keys: Conference, Transfer, Drop, Redial, Speaker, Message, Hold, Mute, Volume Up & Down, and Feature (to access 12 additional dial pad features). The 5402 is Hearing Aid Compatible, has a Message Waiting Indicator that flashes when ringing, eight Personalized Ring Patterns and is either desk or wall mountable.
The Avaya 5410 is a flexible display telephone with several capabilities such as local call log and speed dial not available on previous generations of digital telephones. It has a 5 x 29 display with 12 label-less call appearances (in two screens); two-way speakerphone, 14 fixed feature keys, four softkeys, 12 shifted feature buttons, large message waiting indicator, headset jack, local language customization, eight Personalized Ring Patterns and is either desk or wall mountable.

The Avaya 5420 Digital Telephone sports an array of convenient features, while supporting expansion capabilities and effective integration with current infrastructure investments. This telephone provides a large-scale display for easy viewing and call control with 24 call appearance/feature buttons. Administration and ongoing maintenance is simplified as the switch automatically performs key/button labeling. This eliminates the time-consuming and laborious task of using paper labels to denote phone features, and reduces costs when moving phones among users or offices. Online access to electronic downloads gives near-instant access for key product upgrades and feature enhancements as they occur. Additional features such as call logging and a speed-dial directory help enhance overall productivity by providing users with the tools needed for more effective call tracking and faster outbound calling capabilities.
The EU24 is an add-on unit that works in association with the 5420 telephones. It provides an additional 24 programmable buttons with associated display label and status icons.

Avaya 9600 Series IP Deskphones

This line of powerful deskphones offers brilliant audio quality, low power requirements, customizability and performance. The phones feature context-sensitive graphical interfaces and large color touchscreens, which deliver increased call control while simplifying the traditional telephone experience. Avaya 9600 Series IP Deskphones help boost productivity while increasing worker satisfaction—turning a business phone system into a competitive advantage.
The 9600 Series works with the Avaya Aura® platform. For compatibility of phone models with the IP Office platform check with your local Avaya Authorized Partner.


9601 SIP Deskphone

This deskphone delivers advanced, integrated connectivity in a cost-effective, simple SIP solution. The 9601 is a SIP-only device and is designed for the everyday user as well as for use in common office and building areas.
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9608 IP Deskphone

This deskphone is a cost-effective functional phone for small to large enterprises. It includes access to 8 lines and graphical labels that can be administered centrally.
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9611G IP Deskphone

This model includes integrated gigabit and a USB interface. It has a 3.5 inch graphical color display with a white backlight and graphical labels that can be administered centrally.

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9621G IP Deskphone

The 9621G IP Deskphone delivers gigabit capability and touchscreen functionality on a 4.3 inch color touchscreen.

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9641G IP Deskphone

This desktop phone delivers advanced capabilities with 4.7 inch color touchscreen, wideband speaker, USB interface, and gigabit to the desktop.

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9620L IP Deskphone

This model offers robust features like status lights and buttons, and improved audio quality. A Power over Ethernet Class 1 model has very low power consumption.

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9630G and 9640G IP Deskphones

Designed for professionals who rely heavily on their phones, these models offer advanced IP-telephony features, including mobility applications.

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9650C IP Deskphone

The 9650C IP Deskphone is for receptionists and contact center agents—anyone who manages a large volume of calls. It delivers advanced capabilities like built-in button functions for one-touch access to bridges and feature keys.

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9670G IP Deskphone

A large touchscreen on this phone provides access to contacts and applications. An onscreen keyboard makes using features easy. All of these features help make employees more productive.

Postini Release Update – February 2011

Google Message Continuity: Support for Microsoft® Exchange 2010
New Technical Support Phone Numbers
Update on the New IP Lock Batch Commands
Reporting Improvements
Postini Security Central
Upcoming Changes to Google Web Security Categories
Google Message Continuity: Support for Microsoft® Exchange 2010

With the upcoming release on February 22, Google Message Continuity will support Gmail synchronization with Microsoft® Exchange 2010. To learn more about using Google Message Continuity as a disaster recovery solution for your Exchange server, see the Google Message Continuity website and the Help Center.

New Technical Support Phone Numbers

Please note the following new telephone numbers for reaching Postini Technical Support:

877-355-5787 – Toll-free in North America

These new phone numbers serve all of Google Enterprise Support, which includes Postini Customer Care. To reach Postini, dial 1 for Google Apps & Postini, and then dial 2 for Postini.

Postini’s old Support telephone numbers will remain active temporarily but will be replaced by the above numbers in the near future.

Premier Customers and Customers on System 200/201: Please continue to use the phone numbers listed in the Contact Us section of the Postini Support Portal.

Update on the New IP Lock Batch Commands

Postini is phasing out the existing IP Lock-related commands (for example, addallowedips, clearallowedips, and deleteallowedips) and replacing them with a new family of commands for IP Lock (shown below). Click the following links to the Message Security Batch Reference Guide for detailed instructions on using these new commands — including descriptions, syntax, and examples for each:

iplock add_range
iplock delete
iplock delete_range
iplock display
iplock set_disposition

We encourage you to begin using these new commands today. The old IP Lock batch commands will be phased out and no longer available by mid-March 2011.

Note that IP Lock can be set up only at the email config level.

Reporting Improvements

From January 2011 and through February 2011, the reporting engine that generates reports in the Administration Console is being upgraded. The Report interface remains the same, and most administrators won’t notice any differences in the reports. However, this engine update will facilitate a number of enhancements to the Message Security reporting during 2011, including earlier daily report availability, faster report retrieval, better precision for some reports, and the ability to add new reporting features more quickly.

Postini Security Central

Postini recently launched its new one-stop site for security-related best practices, important updates, helpful tools, and FAQs — Postini Security Central.

Using feedback from customers, we’ve designed Security Central so you can quickly find the resources and information you need during spam and virus outbreaks. We’ll also post information about new features as well as spam and virus trends to help you stay informed. We welcome any suggestions or feedback you may have on this new site.

Go to Postini Security Central.

Upcoming Changes to Google Web Security Categories

With the upcoming release on February 27, Google Web Security will add 29 new web filtering categories, including Social Networking, Streaming Video, Internet Telephony, Peer File Transfer, and Lotteries. The additional web filtering categories will increase the total number of categories to 79. During this update, the names of many of the existing categories will also be changed.

For more details about the new categories, see the Google Web Security for Enterprise Administration Guide at the time of the release.

Apps Status Dashboard and the Postini Known Issues Page

For the current status and important updates on critical system issues that may be affecting Postini, please see the Apps Status Dashboard. The dashboard offers a single location for the latest service status and options for RSS feeds. This replaces the current Postini traffic lights (which will be phased out in 2011) and provides more accurate and in-depth information.

Formerly the “Postini Current Status” page, the Known Issues page in the Help Center provides a list of known issues, fixed issues, and system maintenances for Postini Services.

Email Subscriptions

You can manage your subscriptions to Postini Customer Care emails by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer below, and entering your email address.

Postini Customer Care

How to Setup FileZilla

FileZilla TutorialNew to FileZilla? Today, I have for you a tutorial to help get started using it. This fantastic FTP program might be my favorite FTP client – mainly because it is so simple to use.

Hope you enjoyed that tutorial and let me know in the comments if you would like to see more!

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Fresh New Look!

If things look a bit different around here, don’t dismay- you’re in the right place. Today, we launched the new Kyvon.com, complete with a fresh look and user-friendly interface to provide information and access to Kyvon services like never before.

Maintenance Window


Maintenance Window Start Date & Time: June 28th, 2010 02:00 AM CST
Maintenance Window End Date & Time: June 28th, 2010 03:00 AM CST

Impact on Customers:Loss of internet connection.

Data Center: 710 N Tucker. St. Louis

Scope of Work: In our efforts to constantly improve and maintain all of our infrastructure, We will be upgrading our core switching equipment. Although the potential for downtime exists, we have carefully designed a maintenance plan, and will do everything to ensure that you and your customers feel no impact. No changes to customer equipment will be necessary.

Duration: 1 Hours

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments via our online support form or via phone at 314-544-0011.