Best Forum Practices – Podcast 205

Podcast #205 What are the best practices to get your forums up and going?  That is the topic up for discussion this week on the Web Hosting Show.  I will give you some of my favorite suggestions for free forum scripts, and also will give you the tips you need to be a success.  Now get ready, because the Web Hosting Show is on the air.

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I want to help you when it comes to web hosting, forums and everything in between.  One of those things in between is a midget, but there will be plenty of time for that later.  Here is a summary of the topics for this week’s broadcast.

Comparing the Best Free Forum Scripts

Forums are a great way to give a community a way to communicate with each other Online.  However, there are a lot of forum scripts out there that each have their own personality.  So which should you choose when you are starting up your own set of message boards?

The MIDGET Rule to Forum Success

Anybody can set up a forum script and host it somewhere, but what does it take to make a set of forums on the Web a big success?  Well, I might not be able to help you build the most popular set of message boards you have ever seen (because if I could, I’d be doing that – earning millions in Google AdSense ads, and not still going on and on here).  I do have a few suggestions though how you can get off the ground after having setup your forum script.

So what advice to you have to forum newbies out there?

The comments are open and ready for your suggestions.  Let me know what you think about this week’s podcast, and any other advice you might have for the web hosting world.

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