Connect to Customers Through Social Networking

Kyvon recently joined the wave of businesses flocking to social media as a way to increase communication with current and future customers. By building our online community, our goal is to connect with our customers on a more personal level.

Connecting via the social networks they use daily increases the opportunities to educate and inform our customers. For instance, with over 300 million active users on Facebook alone, it was a no-brainer when deciding to create our Fan Page. Customers are now not only able to receive Kyvon news and updates through their social network of choice, but they also have the ability to network with each other within the communities we have built for them.

Throughout the past decade, Kyvon has provided the very highest standard in customer service, and by increasing and methods by which we do so, we can continue to build those relationships.

How do you utilize social networking tools within your business?

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