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How do you choose a web host? What is a “deal breaker” for you in this decision-making process and do you know what you should be looking for?

Smashing Magazine, a web publication dedicated to providing information for web designers and developers, posted an article on Sunday listing 9 handy steps to choosing a web host and what to do if you already have a hosting provider. The article highlights classic tips such as “You Pay for What You Get” and “Check Out Their Reputation,” while also plunging into the depths of web hosting myths. 

From the article:

Cheap Web hosting can, of course, be top-quality and sufficient for small websites, but it can also be really poor and get you off to a bad start with your new host. Make sure you look at what features are included in the hosting package.

We once found a great cheap little plan, but we wanted to have others domains hosted on the same account. Turns out, that was not possible, and we had to upgrade our plan and pay extra. Had we looked at all of the plans, we would have found something better for a few dollars more. Make it a rule to always begin by comparing the different hosting plans being offered. You will quickly notice that for an extra buck or two every month, you will get features that could be well worth it.

A tip from the folks at Kyvon? Ask questions. If you don’t understand what is included with your package, what overages/usage charges may be incurred, or are a little dizzy even at the sight of the terminology used to describe package contents- contact the provider to get answers. To reach Kyvon, call (314) 544-0011 or use the contact form via our website.

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