Office Space Makeover

If you are like me, you probably spend 8+ hours a day glued to your desk chair- a prisoner of your office space and the walls that surround you. So many of us don’t think twice about our surroundings and how they affect us.

Be it a cubicle, an office, or a corner of your home- the space should suit your needs and provide a calm, relaxing environment in which to get the job done. For me, beige carpeting, walls, desk and file cabinets never felt comfortable. Instead, it felt stale and impersonal.

Luckily, when we moved into our building we were allowed to choose (almost) any color of the rainbow to paint the walls around our desk. I splashed a shade of apple/lime green to my own, mirroring the color of my living room walls. But left the rest of my office decor to the side for almost three years.

It’s time to finish the “job” I started.

I have begun a much-needed makeover to my own office space. Because I love where I work and the job I perform here, the only complaint I have is the ten feet that surround my desk. Not bad, eh?

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