Postini Release Update – February 2011

Google Message Continuity: Support for Microsoft® Exchange 2010
New Technical Support Phone Numbers
Update on the New IP Lock Batch Commands
Reporting Improvements
Postini Security Central
Upcoming Changes to Google Web Security Categories
Google Message Continuity: Support for Microsoft® Exchange 2010

With the upcoming release on February 22, Google Message Continuity will support Gmail synchronization with Microsoft® Exchange 2010. To learn more about using Google Message Continuity as a disaster recovery solution for your Exchange server, see the Google Message Continuity website and the Help Center.

New Technical Support Phone Numbers

Please note the following new telephone numbers for reaching Postini Technical Support:

877-355-5787 – Toll-free in North America

These new phone numbers serve all of Google Enterprise Support, which includes Postini Customer Care. To reach Postini, dial 1 for Google Apps & Postini, and then dial 2 for Postini.

Postini’s old Support telephone numbers will remain active temporarily but will be replaced by the above numbers in the near future.

Premier Customers and Customers on System 200/201: Please continue to use the phone numbers listed in the Contact Us section of the Postini Support Portal.

Update on the New IP Lock Batch Commands

Postini is phasing out the existing IP Lock-related commands (for example, addallowedips, clearallowedips, and deleteallowedips) and replacing them with a new family of commands for IP Lock (shown below). Click the following links to the Message Security Batch Reference Guide for detailed instructions on using these new commands — including descriptions, syntax, and examples for each:

iplock add_range
iplock delete
iplock delete_range
iplock display
iplock set_disposition

We encourage you to begin using these new commands today. The old IP Lock batch commands will be phased out and no longer available by mid-March 2011.

Note that IP Lock can be set up only at the email config level.

Reporting Improvements

From January 2011 and through February 2011, the reporting engine that generates reports in the Administration Console is being upgraded. The Report interface remains the same, and most administrators won’t notice any differences in the reports. However, this engine update will facilitate a number of enhancements to the Message Security reporting during 2011, including earlier daily report availability, faster report retrieval, better precision for some reports, and the ability to add new reporting features more quickly.

Postini Security Central

Postini recently launched its new one-stop site for security-related best practices, important updates, helpful tools, and FAQs — Postini Security Central.

Using feedback from customers, we’ve designed Security Central so you can quickly find the resources and information you need during spam and virus outbreaks. We’ll also post information about new features as well as spam and virus trends to help you stay informed. We welcome any suggestions or feedback you may have on this new site.

Go to Postini Security Central.

Upcoming Changes to Google Web Security Categories

With the upcoming release on February 27, Google Web Security will add 29 new web filtering categories, including Social Networking, Streaming Video, Internet Telephony, Peer File Transfer, and Lotteries. The additional web filtering categories will increase the total number of categories to 79. During this update, the names of many of the existing categories will also be changed.

For more details about the new categories, see the Google Web Security for Enterprise Administration Guide at the time of the release.

Apps Status Dashboard and the Postini Known Issues Page

For the current status and important updates on critical system issues that may be affecting Postini, please see the Apps Status Dashboard. The dashboard offers a single location for the latest service status and options for RSS feeds. This replaces the current Postini traffic lights (which will be phased out in 2011) and provides more accurate and in-depth information.

Formerly the “Postini Current Status” page, the Known Issues page in the Help Center provides a list of known issues, fixed issues, and system maintenances for Postini Services.

Email Subscriptions

You can manage your subscriptions to Postini Customer Care emails by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer below, and entering your email address.

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