Introducing: Bart Beyers

Please join us by welcoming Bart Beyers to the Kyvon team as our Vice President of Business Development.

Hello everyone,

I am very excited to be part of the Kyvon team…I suppose I think of myself simply as “icing on the cake” here at Kyvon. In dealing with Kyvon thru my own family owned business (Beyers Lumber & Hardware) I know and understand that Kyvon is a fully functional, highly capable IT support/solution provider. I think of my job as simply “sweetening” the already very delectable cake that is Kyvon.

Thru my job I hope to provide existing clients with a point of contact that enhances the products and services offered by Kyvon. I also see myself building upon Kyvon’s client base and bringing new clients to the “Kyvon culture”. (Any referrals are appreciated)

I will work to be a source of product knowledge and possible solutions for you (the client). I still have a lot to learn about the highly sophisticated, technical side of Kyvon. But, feel my simplistic approach to “problem vs. solution”, and previous experience as a client myself, will only help me to understand your issue and aid me in discovering possible solution…Almost as a translator between two people sharing common interest: you tell me your problem, or opportunity, I relay it to the technicians at Kyvon, and together we  find a synergistic solution thru the miracle of technology. 

Think of me as a consultant looking for the best possible solution, or opportunity, for you.

I look forward to working with you and supporting you as you leave the problems of the past and join the prosperity of the future.


Bart E. Beyers

314.450.7933 (direct)

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